Tammy (tammy_louise) wrote in makeup_is_sex,

Avon make-up sale


Avon Make-up Sale: All the make-up you need at exclusive discount prices.  Visit my store today and see how much money you could save.  There are over 100 high-quality make-up products including:

Our new Smooth Minerals make-up is good for your skin and gives you a naturally flawless look with a barely-there feel.  The lightweight formulas are made with 100% natural pigments and are free from dyes, talc, preservatives and fragrance. 

Our amazing SpectraColour Lipstick is the first ever lipstick that lets you click through seven shades.  The innovative dial-up tube contains two creamy colours that combine to create seven shades in one. The smooth, high-shine colour lasts for hours, has a moisturising feel and a lush vanilla scent.  Complete the look with our unique SpectraLash Mascara, the only mascara that lets you click through three levels of volume.  

My prices are all at least 10% less than regular Avon prices.

Click here for more.

Also available at my store: More make-up, jewellery, watches, lingerie, pyjamas, fragrance, skincare, anti-ageing products, toiletries, haircare, sun products, men's products and more.
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